New Stuff

So it’s been awhile or should I say quite a long time since the last time I wrote to the blog. I introduced some new stuff in my life. There’s only one new addition but it is two new different experiences. The new stuff would be a new laptop.

It is a brand new (that is new from the store) Acer Aspire 4315. People would be amaze by the spec but whatever, it’s new! The best thing is I got it for free. My father signed up for some long-term savings account at Ambank under my name. Free laptop was part of their promotion so here it is. I don’t care about the savings account though. The laptop runs on Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz and 512MB DDR2 (this sickens me) with features like intergrated webcam, wireless and DVD-RAM.

I actually quite fond with the design. The PVC (I think) surface looks great with the Acer’s logo made from aluminium. As you can see, the keyboard is white and the whole interior except the LCD. The exterior is in black

It came with Linpus Linux. Got rid of it and installed Windows XP. I wanted to install Vista but I hate it. And the other new addition is Ubuntu I’m using Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron” to be exact.

This is my desktop. I customized it a bit with new theme and wallpaper. Ubuntu is Linux-based operating system. Ubuntu is just another distribution. Linux is pretty damn complicated and it showed when I first run it. I can’t get my wireless running until 2 days later.

This is desktops when they are ‘exposed’. I love the virtual desktop feature. The graphics are amazing. They are more advanced that Vista I guess. I could run those basic Vista’s GUI features like Flip3D and even more! I got my Ubuntu from, downloaded the .iso file (disc image) and burned them into a blank disc. My Ubuntu was installed via Wubi, to make life easier. I also ordered the free Ubuntu LiveCD just to make sure I got the hard copy.

So that’s all for this time. Hope that I could right more after this.

p/s: Just right click at the image and View Image under Firefox to view them large.

Trip to KL: Thrilling Sepang!

 I went to KL on the weekend for one reason: 2008 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix! It was loud, exciting, thrilling, fun, you name it. I went on a school trip with my classmates and all. Apart from F1 race, we also went to Eye on Malaysia on the arriving night, Putraya for lunch before the race on the second day and the race before heading back to Alor Star in the evening. My friends and I did a lot of ‘fancy’ stuff throughout the trip! So here are some photos I took:

I was at the Eye on Malaysia. Rode the wheel and had a nice time there.

The view from the gondola. KL doesn’t really have a nice skyline to show off, seriously.

My friends and I in the gondola, we were shaking up the gondola. I managed to beat my fear of height I guess.

2008 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix on the second day!

The crowds were very tight at SIC’s paddock area.

Inside the circuit. You can see how pact people were at the race. This is one of the hillstands available. I just can’t explain the noises of the car in words!

The closest shot I can get. I took this at the bottom of the hill. The noise were loud and amazing. You can’t go down here WITHOUT a pair of earplug.

‘Politik kedai kopi’ emerged as ‘politik Starbucks’

Malaysians are very familiar with the term ‘politik kedai kopi’. Since Malaysians now more ICT-exposed, people can get easy access through Internet, SMS, blogs. etc from the most rural place that you can name in Malaysia. This surely shows that communications among Malaysians are getting better. What used to be ‘politik kedai kopi’ has now changed its face to emerge as ‘politik Starbucks’.

‘Politik kedai kopi’ is a term which people would say when going to a coffee shops in the morning, meet with their peers and talk about their MPs and local politics. These coffee shops were usually located in many kampungs and towns where people can meet and chat. Topic evolve in ‘politik kedai kopi’ is of course Malaysian politic scenes. People get the ideas and information from the TV and radio, which were the only source I guess back in 70s, 80s and early 90s. These mainstream medias were and still now control by the government so everything that you heard is already filtered by the government.

Comparing with ‘politik Starbucks’ which is now what is happening, people get their ideas and information from unfiltered source which are the Internet and through SMSes that are being flying in the air. The Internet has no boundaries so this is THE PLACE where freedom of speech is really happening. Unlike ‘politik kedai kopi’, the ideas and information on local politics are discuss in a very open environment. People talk based on facts and these facts are raw facts compared to ‘politik kedai kopi’ which the facts are filtered by the government. Although these raw facts can sometimes be (most of the time actually) rumors through the blogsphere, I think people will get the main idea on what’s going on and people will also tend to think. As a result, there goes the politic analysts on the TV talking about these raw facts from the Internet. Starbucks now has Wi-Fi Internet and the citizens are getting the information through the Internet while sipping the coffees.

So there you go, ‘politik Starbucks’ based on what I observed.

Will Kedah ever be the same again?

You heard the result! Kedah is now in good hands of the Opposition (PAS, PKR and DAP). PAS will now create a new state government for Kedah, which means the current Menteri Besar, Datuk Mahdzir Khalid is out of the game. I’ve been to Kelantan and stayed there for 5 months and I knew what it’s like to be in PAS-ruling state. The question is will Kedah be the same as Kelantan?

Kedah is currently booming with high economic growth through tourism, industry and agriculture sectors. Let’s face it. NCER has given Kedah a lot of economic opportunities especially when a high number of foreign investors wanting to invest in Kedah. Major locations for incoming investors include Kulim and Sungai Petani, which are now under the Opposition. Langkawi is also a major economic source for Kedah, through tourism sector. Under the NCER, Langkawi is proposed to be NCER’s major health tourism hub, along with Penang.

Think about the the consequences of PAS ruling the state. The economic is currently booming. We all know that Kelantan is, well, experiencing a much slower economic growth. I’m pretty sure that Kedah will experience the same but when it comes to PAS’ point of view, they view Kedah the most developed state UNDER their ruling. It’s true, right?


Colours of the General Election

Today is the day for Malaysian citizens go out and vote. I’m not 21 yet but I sure can understand what’s going on. Obviously. Flags, manifestos, banners etc. are hung everywhere by all the political parties, competing for the seats in the parliament. People have been talking about politics since the last couple of weeks, including me at school. I mean, who DIDN’T talk about politics in the last couple of weeks? I’m sure everyone by now have a clear vision of what they’re going to vote or as of now, already did vote.

So flags are everywhere. I’m gonna called this the second most celebrated event in Malaysia after Hari Raya. Once every 4 years so I’m sure everyone is thrilled to ‘celebrate’ the general election. Political leaders and politic people have been listening quite hard and observing the politic environment just for them to have something to say in this 2-week campaign before the election. The last general election was more on Islam Hadhari. This is time is more on the citizens welfare like the oil-rising issue, rising price of household supplies etc.

I’m not gonna say more about politics because as a student, I guess this is not something to talk about. Atlhough, I believe that Malaysia has a very peaceful political environment which is very good for the economic growth. I love the fact that people tend to get very creative in this kind of national event. There’s the moon and the rocket. Crescent moons and the weight balance.

I love this life-life bomb launcher. They put these things in front of a nearby school which is currently the place for voting. There are also other things the made, found in somewhere like cars, planes even people. Cool things guys!

Great event for my last year

We’ve been skipping classes since the last couple of weeks for this day. All the hardwork for this day. And the day had come. It’s the annual sport day of my school (Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid to be exact) and as usual the royal family was there including the head Sultan of Kedah. It was going to be the biggest event of the year and the grandest celebration of all, in conjunction with my school’s 100 year of age. A lot of surprises happened including the grand reveal of the school’s band new uniform. It was a lot better compared to the last one because the last one looked like they were the Power Rangers or something.

Anyway, the ceremony started with uniforms, sport houses and games’ flag marching in, gave the salute to the Sultan. Then bla bla bla and here comes the greatest part of all; when all the skydivers performing some, pretty much a normal thing they would in their career. This is the first time ever so we got a lot of “Oohh”s and “Ahh”s. I was pretty excited actually. Then, the rest is history…

One thing I like band’s new uniform. I actually talked to one of their members and he said that it was about time the seniors (who usually handle them including designing the uniform) follow the trend. The hat is probably the most expensive item and yes, it looks great.

And there’s this mascot issue which is very ridiculous because we got fairies, falcon, and this weird looking animal which doesn’t represent any of the creatures in animal kingdom. Can’t believe that they had to take the smartest guy in school to wear the costume for my sport house mascot which was an eagle.

The weather wasn’t very beautiful at all. It was somewhat clear but at the same time ready to pour down the rain. The finale for this day was the rope-pulling event, between my sport house Kedah, and Gurney which is the green house. We won, big deal. My sport house is actually leading the scoreboard but I’m not sure whether I contributed any of the scores. Overall, it was very an enjoyable day.

It is probably the best sport day in the history of my years in this school. The skydivers and everything was great. I’m sure the school had spend a lot of money on this. I hear there is going to be a celebration in July/August for out 100th year. I might add some more photos for this entry, since I’m getting more from my friends.

Dear Lady of Starbucks…

OPEN UP YOUR CAFE IN ALOR STAR! Dear Lady of Starbucks, you have already opened up a new store at Village Mall, Sungai Petani and so, why dont you come down here open up another one? We citizens here have been craving for your cup of coffee since forever!

This is the the new one in Sungai Petani. Bleh, I hate this city….